Tips For New Parents To Help Them Survive The First Few Months With their New Baby

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Having your first child is both stressful and incredible at the same time. The stress comes from not having experience with children as many people without siblings were not exposed to infants. Those that were most likely were not caring for the children so the stress of having another human’s life in your hands can get the best of you. As new parents the one thing you need to do is communicate because it can be quite easy to lose your temper while short on sleep with a screaming infant. The following are tips that can help new parents survive their first few months with their newest addition to the family.

Both Parents Should Split The Care Load

The one thing that can be extremely difficult if one parent stays at home to take care of the child is splitting the load correctly. While it can be unfair to give the child to a parent immediately after they walk in the door after a long day, at times this is necessary. The care load needs to be broken up as evenly as possible so both parents get to have time to relax. Lack of relaxation can lead to far worse problems as you might never feel like you are rejuvenated.

Understand That You Can Leave The Baby Alone In His Crib

It can be tough to leave the baby alone with their crib without the best fetal dopplers. The ability of hearing the heart beat with a fetal doppler can be comforting to parents that are constantly worried. At some point you are going to have to move your baby out of your room so you can get on a more regular sleeping schedule. The best thing that you can do is have the baby start napping in their room then slowly transition them there at night.

Catch Up On Sleep Whenever You Can

The truth is that you are going to have quite a few nights without straight sleep. A newborn needs to eat every 3 hours so pumping breast milk is wise before you go to bed. The ability to give your baby a bottle instead of have to nurse can save a lot of sleep for a new mother. If the grandparents of the child want them for an afternoon catch up on sleep or alone time with your significant other.

Enjoy It, The Teething Phase Is Next

Newborns need to eat quite often but this slows after a few months. There is a grace period for parents where they believe that they have worked out the perfect routine only to have mother nature throw a wrench into these plans. Teething can be one of the toughest parts of having a child as you want to soothe the pain but the baby cannot tell you what hurts. The infant will also commonly run a fever during this time which can be a scare for overly worried parents.

As you can see it just takes a bit of work to understand what it takes to care for an infant effectively. Do not get discouraged or constantly second guess yourself as a parent’s intuition is correct in a majority of situations.

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