Six Best Steps To Hiring A Nanny

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Six Best Steps To Hiring A Nanny written by: AthaJohn Changes happen now and then. You recently received new member in your family. It may be the first time for as a young family to have a child. May be you just have to go back to work as your maternal leave is over. In such situations, it is very important to hire a nanny to help you work out your new program. Something that raises concern is the stressful nature of finding a perfect person to entrust their baby and housework with. It should no longer be a problem to you as this article outline six steps you can consider in this process. If you fully understand these steps, then you will be rest assured of a different positive experience hiring household staff.

Make a decision on the qualities needed

This first step is very core as it will enable you to identify the characteristics of the person you need. Do you need a part timer or a full time person? It is also good to understand the nature of childcare needed. To effectively do this, one need to make a list on the abilities a nanny should be able to provide. After that, remember to make another list that has those habits you don’t want. You probably don’t want a smoke in your house. This will help you come up with the conditions and description of the job.

Look at the cost

Calculating the amount of money available to pay your nanny is very necessary. Can you afford to pay? Remember most qualified ones will ask for a higher amount. Things like annual increments, taxes and bonuses should feature in your budget. You can search online to identify the respective rates set for nannies.

Post the vacancy

Creatively come up with a detailed job upbeat that clearly bring out the kind of nanny you are looking for. It is advisable to include a family photo and then post on the job to a website like Make sure that your details are appealing but effective in stating your needs. Mention everything be it behavior or even education qualities. With no time, you will start receiving applications.

Personally interview the applicants

When responding to the applicants, concentrate more on how experienced or professional each one is. Do you find one suitable? Ensure that you always check everyone quality against the list abilities sought for. Shortlist those you think meet most of what you need. With four or five on the shortlist, create time and meet with each. You can meet them at a restaurant or coffee shop and ask them questions. After this, you will be able to narrow you list down according to how some of them responded. It is advisable to invite the best two to you house to enable you get to understand each one internal character. Try as much as you can to understand how they can relate with your family.


You may have finally found the one you need but that not all. Obtain some reference checks about candidate. Ask some of the families your choice worked with in the past. Call them to find out if there are reasons to worry of. If clean, then you just found a good one.


Considering that you are now an employer, you will require catering for paying your workers taxes. It is advisable to get a payroll company to effectively help you do that.

Final word

You can finally let other interested candidates know that the position has been filled. Most people prefer giving their choice a period of a half a month to claim their position. Hope this article helps you to get the right person to nature your kid.

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