Reasons to Hire a Divorce Attorney

Divorce is an unpleasant process. Anyone could tell you that divorce isn’t easy, that the strains it has on you and your loved ones can hold a heavy weight on a family. The burden of a divorce can also cause irreparable harm to your mental state. What’s more, people do not have the time or knowledge during divorce settlements to understand their natural and desired rights. The stresses of divorce can become unbearable and the battle to manage and divide your expenses can become a heavy burden. A divorce attorney alleviates the aches and pangs of time management stressors, and unfamiliar rights that you have little control over.  Hiring a divorce attorney is beneficial to help speed up the divorce process, serve as an emotional safety net, and ensure fairer outcome for all parties involved. Divorce can be an ugly process, but it can be an even uglier fight when kids are involved. In deciding the legality of a child’s rights, it is essential that parents make divorce one of the easiest processes to benefit the child’s needs. Divorce attorneys make this process much easier for children and parents facing custody situations and emotional strains.

Divorce isn’t just hard on the adults involved — it’s also tough on the children who have little to no say in the matter. Several divorce studies have shown that the interpersonal dissatisfaction and relationship between parents and their children come as a result of child suffering from their parents’ divorce. One study, from the website, measured the security of future relationships in children who were awarded primary custody to one of their parents during the early stages of their divorce: “The researchers speculated that paternal relationships were more insecure following divorce because mothers are more likely than fathers to be awarded custody,” said Rocky Mountain University Associate Professor Rick Nauert.

The study found that “…people were more likely to have an insecure relationship with their father if they lived with their mother and, conversely, were less likely to have an insecure relationship with their father if they lived with him. The results were similar with respect to mothers.” The study also demonstrates the correlation and inability to manage secure relationships from parent to child as well as the affectation of that child’s willingness to open up in both romantic and familial relationships. Battling divorce is an evident strain on a child’s psyche.

The best way to maintain a fair and effective settlement is by utilizing a divorce attorney. A divorce attorney can handle your proceedings in a respectable manner in order to provide the smoothest route for a child during this transition period of their life. A divorce attorney can offer a fair and disparate means for obtaining custody of your child. If your spouse has hired an attorney to serve them in court and you don’t have an attorney present, the likelihood of you gaining fair custody of your children is much lower. You won’t have proper representation to defend your child in a court of law.

A divorce attorney offers a more practical settlement for your children and spouse by managing a stable environment between kids and parents. You want your children to have the right to a fair trial and be awarded a fair custody agreement based on your (the parents’) current situation. In some state courts, children have the right to choose who they would like to live with by awarding that parent primary custody. However, this isn’t always the case. The younger a child is, the less likely they are to be awarded the opportunity to choose whom they’d like to live with. Thus, the importance of implementing a just and surely trial for both parents and kids in a court of law is beneficiary in respects to a hiring a lawyer.

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