How to be a successful working mom

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There can be guilt with being a working mother, however, for many women it is a must. Many women must work for financial reasons, and while just having a job can be stressful, the added attention and needs of a child can make you lose your sanity. Below are tips to help you stay sane, and succeed at being a working mother.

The most important tip is to realize who you are and why you work. Most working mothers work for the money, but many more also work because they enjoy their careers and the stimulus they get from their jobs. If your job makes you feel good and helps support your family, then feel empowered about having a career. It may not have been an easy choice, but your kids are thriving from your good attitude. Moreover, so are you.

To keep your sanity, set aside time daily that’s just for you, even if it’s only half an hour in the bathtub, is one of the best things you can do to feel more balance and fulfilled as well as less bitter of all the sacrifices you have to make. If 30 minutes still seems impossible, break up your time into mini-breaks. Even closing your office door and taking 10 minutes to meditate or listen to music, or taking a quick walk around the block will work wonders for stress.

Chores are not just women’s work; in fact, they are everyone’s work. Putting your kids on a schedule of daily chores will not just lighten your load; it will also teach them a valued lesson about the prominence of everyone doing their part.

Having “we” time is just as important as “me” time. Weekly date nights are a great idea, but if you cannot find the time, or the babysitters, to make that happen, there are other ways. It does not really matter what you do but that you do it together in a focused way so that you are really paying attention to each other. For instance, eat dinner alone at home, or watch a movie together after the children have went to sleep.

Every working mother needs a support .Parenthood is an equal process. Yes, you might have more guilt than your spouse might, but together you can develop a strategy for running your household. Evaluate your strengths, your schedules and your preferences, such as cooking, laundry, carpooling, and playdates. If the answer is always you, then it is time to negotiate with your partner.

By following these tips, you are sure not only to lessen stress in your home life, but it will also help your professional life. Take a few minutes each day to relax, chill out with your partner, know whom you are and your purpose in life, and have a good support system. These tips will help you out for many years to come.


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