Decorating your bathroom with spa themed accessories

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No matter how big or small your bathroom may be there’s always room for a little decoration. Replicating the spa vibe is the perfect way to create a mini-retreat in your home.

Spas are about two things: space and luxuries. When you’re decorating in a spa theme there’s more to consider than just the décor style. Spas should be indulgent and contain accessories that are luxurious, whether they serve a practical purpose or not. Here are some of the most commonly used spa themed accessories.

Towel warmers

Towel warmers are one of the most important elements of a spa themed bathroom. There’s nothing like climbing out of a nice hot bath, only to have warm bath towels ready for you when the cold hair blows across your damp skin. Towel warmers also make excellent display units if you don’t have much storage space for your towels.

Wicker baskets

Wicker baskets are commonly used in spas to house shampoo and conditioner containers, towels and other items that you need to keep in the bathroom environment. Wicker baskets come in various shades of brown. Using a neutral colour is always beneficial as it will blend with virtually any other décor style.


Clear bottle containers

There’s nothing more visually stressful in a bathroom than multi-coloured bottles. If you want to keep your bottles on display, empty their contents into clear bottles and line them up on some open shelving. Try to save your storage space for items such as deodorant and shaving cream.

Towel ribbons

Before you place your towels into storage, roll them up and tie a red or white ribbon around them. This is synonymous with the spa look and will help you save space. If you go for the wicker basket approach, stand your towels up inside it.

Candles and incense burners

Nothing beats the aromas of incense or scented candles. When you take a long bath, it’s always nice to put on some incense burners and light some candles to create a refreshing and relaxing environment that fills the air with sweet smells.

Decorate your bathroom with these accessories and there’s no reason why you won’t create a warming and relaxing atmosphere where you can lie down and forget all about your troubles. No matter how big your bathroom is, remember that the simple addition of accessories can transform it into something much better than you ever imagined.

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