Car insurance costs

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Car insurance can be an expensive ancillary cost that comes along with car ownership. Did you know that sometimes, your driving record has less impact on your annual car insurance premiums than the type of car you drive does? If you’re in the market for a new car, and want to be sure you make a smart decision in terms of insurance impact, you can thoroughly research perspective makes and models at Once you’ve narrowed down the list, and if you have an existing relationship with an insurance provider, you can call a local office and have them estimate what your six-month premiums would be for that vehicle. This estimate will give you a ballpark idea, but if you have a vehicle identification number for a specific vehicle, the estimate will be much closer to the actual cost.

Once you’ve chosen a car to buy, and if you have time, shop around for coverage. Also be sure to have a thorough conversation with insurance companies about mandatory coverage limits where you live. There is nothing wrong, and you could save significant money every month on insurance costs, with getting quotes from several agencies.

If you have other property covered by insurance like a house, boat or recreational vehicle, you might realize savings by bundling all of your property insurance with one carrier. This isn’t always the case, but is worth checking into. You can also check with the broker that services your health and life insurance policies to see if they also deal with property insurance.

If you have a driving teenager, there isn’t much you can do that will have a significant impact on your insurance costs. Teens that take driving courses can qualify for lower rates, and those that get good grades in school will also earn their parents a break on the monthly insurance bill.

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