Accenting Your Home for the New Year

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The New Year is upon us and it’s time for those annual New Year’s resolutions. Many people make pledges to lose weight or to start exercising, but a New Year’s resolution can be much more fun than that. One such resolution is to change up your home’s décor for a fresh start. You can do this by accenting your home for the New Year.


Adding a little color to your home’s décor is the perfect accent for the New Year. When adding color to your space, be sure to follow the color rule. Most of the room should be a dominant color with small portions being devoted to a secondary color. Additional accent colors should account for about 10% of the room. You can choose your color scheme to include complementary colors such as blue and yellow, or you can choose analogous colors such as yellow and green. Depending on the color scheme you use, you can create a bold look or a more relaxed look. Lighter colors can serve to open up a room and are ideal for smaller spaces. Darker colors can be used to create a cozy atmosphere.


Once you’ve updated the color in your home, you can switch up your furniture to match. If you don’t want to purchase new furniture, you can reupholster your old furniture to create the look you want. Find a heavy-duty fabric that incorporates the secondary or accent color and use that. The fabric can include a fun pattern such as a chevron or floral print. To add some unity throughout the different rooms in your house, use the same fabric on furniture in your living room as well as the chairs at your dining room table. Accent your furniture with throw pillows and blankets. These can be placed on both the couch and the chairs around the house. You can also include small accent tables around any room. You can place family photos on your accent tables or you can have some fun and arrange different décor items on a table.


Changing up your home’s décor can make a big difference when accenting your home for the New Year. You can find different décor pieces such as wall accents or rugs to compliment the furniture and paint color in your home. When choosing a rug for a room, the rug should incorporate either the primary, secondary or accent color used for the walls. To mix things up, find a rug that has a fun or contemporary pattern. Other decorative pieces, such as wall art and small sculptures, can be used to accent the home and create a fresh look.


The final touch to accenting your home for the New Year has to do with lighting design. You can use your home’s lighting design to create the ambiance you want in each room. Wall sconces serve the double purpose of illuminating your home while also adding some style to your home’s décor. Create layers of lighting by incorporating ceiling lights, recessed lights, floor lamps and table lamps. Candles can also serve to create a softer look in a room and can accent the chosen décor color. Your lighting design should vary by room so that the lighting matches the main purpose of the room.

Written by Don Roberts. Don specializes in lighting design.

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