5 Great Gift Ideas for Kids that Love Video Games

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Even though many adults grew up with game consoles ranging from the original Atari to Nintendo, Sega, PlayStation, and Xbox products, kids these days are learning to use technology before they can even walk in some cases. And as a result, we’re looking at a new generation of tech-savvy individuals. So it should come as no surprise that your children, nieces and nephews, and other kids in your life are cuckoo for video games. If it so happens that you’re not particularly into gaming, you might not know exactly what to get them when birthdays and other holidays roll around. So here are just a few great gift ideas that should please nearly any kid who loves to spend time playing video games.

  1. GameStop gift card. There are a number of outlets for video games, but GameStop is a good choice for several reasons. For one thing, they offer an excellent selection of games across platforms and genres. They also participate in pre-order campaigns, often with the option to get special packages that may only be offered in limited release. But the real draw is that they have a membership program whereby kids can trade in old games for credit towards their purchases. And this also means that the stores have a decent selection of used games available on markdown. They even take consoles, tablets, and more and refurbish them for resale. And they’re a national chain, which means you can find them all over the place (not to mention online). So a gift card to GameStop is a great present for anyone who loves gaming.
  2. iTunes gift card. Many kids these days are giving up on consoles in favor of handheld devices for their gaming needs. And so far the iPad seems to be the preeminent handheld gaming gadget. So if the game-crazy kids in your life spend their money on apps and their time on freemium mobile games, give them a gift card that they can apply directly to their iTunes account. Or if they don’t have mobile devices, consider an Xbox gift card instead that they can put towards an Xbox Live subscription or downloads.
  3. Subscription to Game Informer Magazine. It’s hard to believe that this gaming magazine debuted way back in 1991 and that it’s not only going strong today, but it happens to boast a circulation of 7.6 million (the third largest publication in the U.S. as of last year). It is a great gift for older kids because it lets them read up on the games they love and learn about ones they haven’t yet tried. And a subscription to the print magazine comes with exclusive access to extra content online, making it even better.
  4. Tablet. If you want to go all out and get avid gamers something special, why not spring for a tablet that they can use not only for games, but also to house their collection of books, movies, and other media? This way they can take their favorites with them wherever they go.
  5. The latest games. Every month sees new video games released on the market, so it can definitely be hard to figure out which ones to get for the kids in your life. But when you know which consoles they have and you pay attention to the genres and brands they like (racing, FPS, LEGO, etc.), you should be able to come up with something they’ll like. If not, you can always give them VISA gift cards to purchase their FIFA ultimate team coins or Simpson’s: Tapped Out donuts on their own.

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